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Shopping for a mattress is stressful. Walking into a store and seeing a sea of white rectangles is confusing - you may think, "Which one of these white rectangles is going to help me sleep better?"

A salesperson can do their best to use their knowledge to get you into a good bed. They may ask you some questions about your sleeping preferences, show you a couple different beds, and wait to see which one you think is the best after a few minutes of trying it out. The problem with this approach is that the salesperson, while good intentioned, can only give their best guess.

Dave and Dan, the owners of Markson's Furniture, decided that they don't want our family to simply guess and cross our fingers you get a good night's sleep. What if we guess wrong? Sleep is too important to leave to chance. Poor sleep can cause health problems, as well as reflect in your mood, relationships and work performance.


Our Dream Map System by XSensor allows us to take the guesswork out of mattress shopping. Companies ranging across multiple industries, including NASA, GM, Ford, Sealy, and the US Airforce all utilize the technology due to its accuracy and ability to enhance their products for their customers.

The System consists of 3,000 sensors tied into a test mattress. These sensors will measure your pressure points, weight distribution and sleeping preferences. You will be able to see the pressure measurements and map of your body right on screen, and understand the results of your reading. The System will then suggest some mattresses that will fit your profile based on the specific science.

Example image of a body map result

Markson's Furniture has over 25 mattresses on display at all times, hand picked by our family to give the best possible value with the most up-to-date technology available.

At this time, the Dream Map System is at our Ridge Road location. Please feel free to stop by at any time to start sleeping better!

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