We primarily serve Monroe County, and some surrounding areas (contact us for details). Our delivery team is our delivery team - we do not use third parties. We keep everything in-house so that we can ensure excellent customer service.

Our price is a flat $99, including all set-up, meant to keep the service affordable for everyone, while ensuring that all set-up is done correctly. Pick-up is available, but we highly recommend allowing our team to deliver to ensure that all manufacturer standards are met for relevant warranties.

If you are looking for delivery outside of Monroe County, please contact us directly at info@marksonsfurniture.com

Steps of Preparing For Delivery

Measure the area that the furniture will be in

Measure the pathway the delivery team will need to take to install the furniture

Remove old furniture

Remove personal belongings, breakable objects, and other things that may be in the pathway of the team. We cannot handle any personal items.

Ensure a clear, safe pathway (such as shoveling snow)

Put pets in another room

Measuring for Delivery

  1. Exterior/front doorway height
  2. Exterior front doorway width, and clearance to opposite wall
  3. Staircase width
  4. Staircase corner width, and clearance to opposite wall upstairs (if your stairs curve)
  5. Low-hanging light fixtures
  6. Interior doorway width and clearance to opposite wall
  7. Interior doorway height
  8. Stairwell overhang/ceiling height

It is important to measure the depth and width to determine if the furniture will fit in your home’s openings. It is also important to follow the “next steps” of a delivery team’s pathway - the furniture may fit through the door by the numbers, but if the wall is too close to the door, the team may not be able to move on to the next step in the path.


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